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Optical 3D-Surface Reconstruction of Weak Textured Objects Based on an Approach of Disparity Stereo Inspection

Authors: Thomas Kerstein, Martin Laurowski, Philipp Klein, Michael Weyrich, Hubert Roth, Jürgen Wahrburg


Optical 3D measurement of objects is meaningful in numerous industrial applications. In various cases shape acquisition of weak textured objects is essential. Examples are repetition parts made of plastic or ceramic such as housing parts or ceramic bottles as well as agricultural products like tubers. These parts are often conveyed in a wobbling way during the automated optical inspection. Thus, conventional 3D shape acquisition methods like laser scanning might fail. In this paper, a novel approach for acquiring 3D shape of weak textured and moving objects is presented. To facilitate such measurements an active stereo vision system with structured light is proposed. The system consists of multiple camera pairs and auxiliary laser pattern generators. It performs the shape acquisition within one shot and is beneficial for rapid inspection tasks. An experimental setup including hardware and software has been developed and implemented.

Keywords: automated optical inspection, depth from structured light, stereo vision, surface reconstruction

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