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A Fuzzy Logic Based Navigation of a Mobile Robot

Authors: Anis Fatmi, Amur Al Yahmadi, Lazhar Khriji, Nouri Masmoudi


One of the long standing challenging aspect in mobile robotics is the ability to navigate autonomously, avoiding modeled and unmodeled obstacles especially in crowded and unpredictably changing environment. A successful way of structuring the navigation task in order to deal with the problem is within behavior based navigation approaches. In this study, Issues of individual behavior design and action coordination of the behaviors will be addressed using fuzzy logic. A layered approach is employed in this work in which a supervision layer based on the context makes a decision as to which behavior(s) to process (activate) rather than processing all behavior(s) and then blending the appropriate ones, as a result time and computational resources are saved.

Keywords: Fuzzy Logic, Mobile Robots, Behavior based navigation, context based coordination

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