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Consideration a Novel Manner for Data Sending Quality in Heterogeneous Radio Networks

Authors: Mohammadreza Amini, Omid Moradtalab, Ebadollah Zohrevandi


In real-time networks a large number of application programs are relying on video data and heterogeneous data transmission techniques. The aim of this research is presenting a method for end-to-end vouch quality service in surface applicationlayer for sending video data in comparison form in wireless heterogeneous networks. This method tries to improve the video sending over the wireless heterogeneous networks with used techniques in surface layer, link and application. The offered method is showing a considerable improvement in quality observing by user. In addition to this, other specifications such as shortage of data load that had require to resending and limited the relation period length to require time for second data sending, help to be used the offered method in the wireless devices that have a limited energy. The presented method and the achieved improvement is simulated and presented in the NS-2 software.

Keywords: Multi-level, Heterogeneous Wireless Networks, handoff, adaptation mechanism, stop mechanism, graceful degrades, application layer

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