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Formosa3: A Cloud-Enabled HPC Cluster in NCHC

Authors: Chin-Hung Li, Te-Ming Chen, Ying-Chuan Chen, Shuen-Tai Wang


This paper proposes a new approach to offer a private cloud service in HPC clusters. In particular, our approach relies on automatically scheduling users- customized environment request as a normal job in batch system. After finishing virtualization request jobs, those guest operating systems will dismiss so that compute nodes will be released again for computing. We present initial work on the innovative integration of HPC batch system and virtualization tools that aims at coexistence such that they suffice for meeting the minimizing interference required by a traditional HPC cluster. Given the design of initial infrastructure, the proposed effort has the potential to positively impact on synergy model. The results from the experiment concluded that goal for provisioning customized cluster environment indeed can be fulfilled by using virtual machines, and efficiency can be improved with proper setup and arrangements.

Keywords: Cloud Computing, Virtualization, private cloud, HPC Cluster

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