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The Influence of Socio-Economic Backgrounds towards Satisfaction with Student Housing Facilities

Authors: Nurul ‘Ulyani Mohd Najib, Nor’ Aini Yusof, Zulkifli Osman


Studies on residential satisfaction have been actively discussed under family house setting. However, limited studies have been conducted on student residential satisfaction. This study is an attempt to fill the research gap. It focuses on the influence of socioeconomic on students- satisfaction with the universities- student housing facilities. The students who stayed at the on-campus student housing were the respondents. This study employed two-stage cluster sampling method in classifying the respondents. Self-administered questionnaires were distributed face-to-face to the students. In general, it is confirmed that students- socio-economic backgrounds have influence on the students- satisfaction with their housing facilities. The main influential factors were the students- economic status, sense of sharing, and ethnicity of their roommates. Furthermore, this study could also provide a useful feedback for the universities in order to improve their student housing facilities.

Keywords: Malaysia, Socio-economic, Student housing, Student residential satisfaction

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