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Role of Acoustic Pressure on the Dynamics of Moving Single-Bubble Sonoluminescence

Authors: Reza Rezaei-Nasirabad, Zeinab Galavani, Rasoul Sadighi-Bonabi, Mohammad Asgarian


Role of acoustic driving pressure on the translational-radial dynamics of a moving single bubble sonoluminescence (m-SBSL) has been numerically investigated. The results indicate that increase in the amplitude of the driving pressure leads to increase in the bubble peak temperature. The length and the shape of the trajectory of the bubble depends on the acoustic pressure and because of the spatially dependence of the radial dynamics of the moving bubble, its peak temperature varies during the acoustical pulses. The results are in good agreement with the experimental reports on m-SBSL.

Keywords: bubble dynamics, Equation of the gas state, Hydrodynamic force, Moving sonoluminescence

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