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Hybrid Fuzzy Selecting-Control-by- Range Controllers of a Servopneumatic Fatigue System

Authors: Marco Soares dos Santos, Jorge Augusto Ferreira, Camila Nicola Boeri, Fernando Neto da Silva


The present paper proposes high performance nonlinear force controllers for a servopneumatic real-time fatigue test machine. A CompactRIO® controller was used, being fully programmed using LabVIEW language. Fuzzy logic control algorithms were evaluated to tune the integral and derivative components in the development of hybrid controllers, namely a FLC P and a hybrid FLC PID real-time-based controllers. Their behaviours were described by using state diagrams. The main contribution is to ensure a smooth transition between control states, avoiding discrete transitions in controller outputs. Steady-state errors lower than 1.5 N were reached, without retuning the controllers. Good results were also obtained for sinusoidal tracking tasks from 1/¤Ç to 8/¤Ç Hz.

Keywords: Hybrid Fuzzy Selecting, Control, Range Controllers, Servopneumatic Fatigue System.

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