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Fixed Point Equations Related to Motion Integrals in Renormalization Hopf Algebra

Authors: Ali Shojaei-Fard


In this paper we consider quantum motion integrals depended on the algebraic reconstruction of BPHZ method for perturbative renormalization in two different procedures. Then based on Bogoliubov character and Baker-Campbell-Hausdorff (BCH) formula, we show that how motion integral condition on components of Birkhoff factorization of a Feynman rules character on Connes- Kreimer Hopf algebra of rooted trees can determine a family of fixed point equations.

Keywords: Birkhoff Factorization, Connes-Kreimer Hopf Algebra of Rooted Trees, Integral Renormalization, Lax Pair Equation, Rota- Baxter Algebras.

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