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Investigating Intrusion Detection Systems in MANET and Comparing IDSs for Detecting Misbehaving Nodes

Authors: Marjan Kuchaki Rafsanjani, Ali Movaghar, Faroukh Koroupi


As mobile ad hoc networks (MANET) have different characteristics from wired networks and even from standard wireless networks, there are new challenges related to security issues that need to be addressed. Due to its unique features such as open nature, lack of infrastructure and central management, node mobility and change of dynamic topology, prevention methods from attacks on them are not enough. Therefore intrusion detection is one of the possible ways in recognizing a possible attack before the system could be penetrated. All in all, techniques for intrusion detection in old wireless networks are not suitable for MANET. In this paper, we classify the architecture for Intrusion detection systems that have so far been introduced for MANETs, and then existing intrusion detection techniques in MANET presented and compared. We then indicate important future research directions.

Keywords: Intrusion Detection System(IDS), Misbehavingnodes, Mobile Ad Hoc Network(MANET), Security.

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