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Low cost Nano-membrane Fabrication and Electro-polishing System

Authors: Ajab Khan Kasi, Muhammad Waseem Ashraf, Jafar Khan Kasi, Shahzadi Tayyaba, NitinAfzulpurkar


This paper presents the development of low cost Nano membrane fabrication system. The system is specially designed for anodic aluminum oxide membrane. This system is capable to perform the processes such as anodization and electro-polishing. The designed machine was successfully tested for 'mild anodization' (MA) for 48 hours and 'hard anodization' (HA) for 3 hours at constant 0oC. The system is digitally controlled and guided for temperature maintenance during anodization and electro-polishing. The total cost of the developed machine is 20 times less than the multi-cooling systems available in the market which are generally used for this purpose.

Keywords: Anodic aluminum oxide, Nano-membrane, hardanodization, mild anodization, electro-polishing.

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