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Evaluation of Housing Defects in Build-Then- Sell Houses: A Study of Six Residential Areas

Authors: S. N. F. Mohd Fauzi, N. Yusof, N. Zainul Abidin


The Build-Then-Sell (BTS) is a novel system implemented in Malaysia after a number of complaints have been received from buyers in the preceding Sell-Then-Build (STB) system. When the government announced the implementation of the BTS in 2007, proponents of BTS have asserted that the new system will provide houses with low level of defects. Their argument however is not supported by any empirical data. Hence, this study is conducted to evaluate the housing defects in BTS houses. Six BTS residential areas have been surveyed to collect the defects data. Questionnaires were administered directly to the occupiers in each of the BTS houses through door-to-door visits. The result has shown that the rate of defects for the six residential areas is ranged from minor to slight, which only affect the aesthetic value of the house.

Keywords: Build-Then-Sell houses, housing defects, residential areas, occupiers

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