Comparative Study of Some Adaptive Fuzzy Algorithms for Manipulator Control
Commenced in January 2007
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Comparative Study of Some Adaptive Fuzzy Algorithms for Manipulator Control

Authors: Sudeept Mohan, Surekha Bhanot


The problem of manipulator control is a highly complex problem of controlling a system which is multi-input, multioutput, non-linear and time variant. In this paper some adaptive fuzzy, and a new hybrid fuzzy control algorithm have been comparatively evaluated through simulations, for manipulator control. The adaptive fuzzy controllers consist of self-organizing, self-tuning, and coarse/fine adaptive fuzzy schemes. These controllers are tested for different trajectories and for varying manipulator parameters through simulations. Various performance indices like the RMS error, steady state error and maximum error are used for comparison. It is observed that the self-organizing fuzzy controller gives the best performance. The proposed hybrid fuzzy plus integral error controller also performs remarkably well, given its simple structure.

Keywords: Hybrid fuzzy, Self-organizing, Self-tuning, Trajectory tracking.

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