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Combining Color and Layout Features for the Identification of Low-resolution Documents

Authors: Ardhendu Behera, Denis Lalanne, Rolf Ingold


This paper proposes a method, combining color and layout features, for identifying documents captured from lowresolution handheld devices. On one hand, the document image color density surface is estimated and represented with an equivalent ellipse and on the other hand, the document shallow layout structure is computed and hierarchically represented. The combined color and layout features are arranged in a symbolic file, which is unique for each document and is called the document-s visual signature. Our identification method first uses the color information in the signatures in order to focus the search space on documents having a similar color distribution, and finally selects the document having the most similar layout structure in the remaining search space. Finally, our experiment considers slide documents, which are often captured using handheld devices.

Keywords: Document color modeling, document visual signature, kernel density estimation, document identification.

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