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Dynamic Modeling and Simulation of Heavy Paraffin Dehydrogenation Reactor for Selective Olefin Production in Linear Alkyl Benzene Production Plant

Authors: G. Zahedi, H. Yaghoobi


Modeling of a heterogeneous industrial fixed bed reactor for selective dehydrogenation of heavy paraffin with Pt-Sn- Al2O3 catalyst has been the subject of current study. By applying mass balance, momentum balance for appropriate element of reactor and using pressure drop, rate and deactivation equations, a detailed model of the reactor has been obtained. Mass balance equations have been written for five different components. In order to estimate reactor production by the passage of time, the reactor model which is a set of partial differential equations, ordinary differential equations and algebraic equations has been solved numerically. Paraffins, olefins, dienes, aromatics and hydrogen mole percent as a function of time and reactor radius have been found by numerical solution of the model. Results of model have been compared with industrial reactor data at different operation times. The comparison successfully confirms validity of proposed model.

Keywords: Modeling, dehydrogenation, fixed bed reactor, linear alkyl benzene

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