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Experimental Parametric Investigation of Temperature Effects on 60W-QCW Diode Laser

Authors: E. Farsad, S. P. Abbasi, A. Goodarzi, M. S. Zabihi


Nowadays, quasi-continuous wave diode lasers are used in a widespread variety of applications. Temperature effects in these lasers can strongly influence their performance. In this paper, the effects of temperature have been experimentally investigated on different features of a 60W-QCW diode laser. The obtained results indicate that the conversion efficiency and operation voltage of diode laser decrease with the augmentation of the working temperature associated with a redshift in the laser peak wavelength. Experimental results show the emission peak wavelength of laser shifts 0.26 nm and the conversion efficiency decreases 1.76 % with the increase of temperature from 40 to 50 ̊C. Present study also shows the slope efficiency decreases gradually at low temperatures and rapidly at higher temperatures. Regarding the close dependence of the mentioned parameters to the operating temperature, it is of great importance to carefully control the working temperature of diode laser, particularly for medical applications.

Keywords: diode laser, experimentally, temperature, wavelength

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