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Absorption Center of Photophoresis with in Micro-Sized and Spheroidal Particles in a Gaseous Medium

Authors: Wen-Ken Li, Pei-Yuan Tzeng, Chyi-Yeou Soong, Chung-Ho Liu


The present study is concerned with the absorption center of photophoresis within a micro-sized and spheroidal particle in a gaseous medium. A particle subjected to an intense light beam can absorb electromagnetic energy within the particle unevenly, which results in photophoretic force to drive the particle in motion. By evaluating the energy distribution systematically at various conditions, the study focuses on the effects of governing parameters, such as particle aspect ratio, size parameter, refractivity, and absorptivity, on the heat source function within the particle and their potential influences to the photophoresis.

Keywords: aspect ratio, refractivity, absorptivity, photophoresis, spheroidal particle, heat source function

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