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A Framework for Personalized Multi-Device Information Communicating System

Authors: Rohiza Ahmad, Rozana Kasbon, Eliza Mazmee Mazlan, Aliza Sarlan


Due to the mobility of users, many information systems are now developed with the capability of supporting retrieval of information from both static and mobile users. Hence, the amount, content and format of the information retrieved will need to be tailored according to the device and the user who requested for it. Thus, this paper presents a framework for the design and implementation of such a system, which is to be developed for communicating final examination related information to the academic community at one university in Malaysia. The concept of personalization will be implemented in the system so that only highly relevant information will be delivered to the users. The personalization concept used will be based on user profiling as well as context. The system in its final state will be accessible through cell phones as well as intranet connected personal computers.

Keywords: personalization, System framework, informationcommunicating system, multi-device

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