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Defect Detection of Tiles Using 2D-Wavelet Transform and Statistical Features

Authors: M.Ghazvini, S. A. Monadjemi, N. Movahhedinia, K. Jamshidi


In this article, a method has been offered to classify normal and defective tiles using wavelet transform and artificial neural networks. The proposed algorithm calculates max and min medians as well as the standard deviation and average of detail images obtained from wavelet filters, then comes by feature vectors and attempts to classify the given tile using a Perceptron neural network with a single hidden layer. In this study along with the proposal of using median of optimum points as the basic feature and its comparison with the rest of the statistical features in the wavelet field, the relational advantages of Haar wavelet is investigated. This method has been experimented on a number of various tile designs and in average, it has been valid for over 90% of the cases. Amongst the other advantages, high speed and low calculating load are prominent.

Keywords: Neural Networks, classification, Wavelet Transform, Defect Detection, statistical features, tile and ceramic quality inspection

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