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Numerical Calculation of Coils Filled With Bianisotropic Media

Authors: Nebojsa B. Raicevic, Teodoros S. Prokic, Vladan Golubovic


Recently, bianisotropic media again received increasing importance in electromagnetic theory because of advances in material science which enable the manufacturing of complex bianisotropic materials. By using Maxwell's equations and corresponding boundary conditions, the electromagnetic field distribution in bianisotropic solenoid coils is determined and the influence of the bianisotropic behaviour of coil to the impedance and Q-factor is considered. Bianisotropic media are the largest class of linear media which is able to describe the macroscopic material properties of artificial dielectrics, artificial magnetics, artificial chiral materials, left-handed materials, metamaterials, and other composite materials. Several special cases of coils, filled with complex substance, have been analyzed. Results obtained by using the analytical approach are compared with values calculated by numerical methods, especially by our new hybrid EEM/BEM method and FEM.

Keywords: Bianisotropic media, impedance and Q-factor, Maxwell`s equations, hybrid EEM/BEM method.

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