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Analysis of Palm Perspiration Effect with SVM for Diabetes in People

Authors: Hamdi Melih Saraoğlu, Muhlis Yıldırım, Abdurrahman Özbeyaz, Feyzullah Temurtas


In this research, the diabetes conditions of people (healthy, prediabete and diabete) were tried to be identified with noninvasive palm perspiration measurements. Data clusters gathered from 200 subjects were used (1.Individual Attributes Cluster and 2. Palm Perspiration Attributes Cluster). To decrase the dimensions of these data clusters, Principal Component Analysis Method was used. Data clusters, prepared in that way, were classified with Support Vector Machines. Classifications with highest success were 82% for Glucose parameters and 84% for HbA1c parametres.

Keywords: Palm perspiration, Diabetes, Support Vector Machine, Classification.

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