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Flow Acoustics in Solid-Fluid Structures

Authors: Morten Willatzen, Mikhail Vladimirovich Deryabin


The governing two-dimensional equations of a heterogeneous material composed of a fluid (allowed to flow in the absence of acoustic excitations) and a crystalline piezoelectric cubic solid stacked one-dimensionally (along the z direction) are derived and special emphasis is given to the discussion of acoustic group velocity for the structure as a function of the wavenumber component perpendicular to the stacking direction (being the x axis). Variations in physical parameters with y are neglected assuming infinite material homogeneity along the y direction and the flow velocity is assumed to be directed along the x direction. In the first part of the paper, the governing set of differential equations are derived as well as the imposed boundary conditions. Solutions are provided using Hamilton-s equations for the wavenumber vs. frequency as a function of the number and thickness of solid layers and fluid layers in cases with and without flow (also the case of a position-dependent flow in the fluid layer is considered). In the first part of the paper, emphasis is given to the small-frequency case. Boundary conditions at the bottom and top parts of the full structure are left unspecified in the general solution but examples are provided for the case where these are subject to rigid-wall conditions (Neumann boundary conditions in the acoustic pressure). In the second part of the paper, emphasis is given to the general case of larger frequencies and wavenumber-frequency bandstructure formation. A wavenumber condition for an arbitrary set of consecutive solid and fluid layers, involving four propagating waves in each solid region, is obtained again using the monodromy matrix method. Case examples are finally discussed.

Keywords: Flow, acoustics, solid-fluid structures, periodicity.

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