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Creating the Color Panoramic View using Medley of Grayscale and Color Partial Images

Authors: Dr. H. B. Kekre, Sudeep D. Thepade


Panoramic view generation has always offered novel and distinct challenges in the field of image processing. Panoramic view generation is nothing but construction of bigger view mosaic image from set of partial images of the desired view. The paper presents a solution to one of the problems of image seascape formation where some of the partial images are color and others are grayscale. The simplest solution could be to convert all image parts into grayscale images and fusing them to get grayscale image panorama. But in the multihued world, obtaining the colored seascape will always be preferred. This could be achieved by picking colors from the color parts and squirting them in grayscale parts of the seascape. So firstly the grayscale image parts should be colored with help of color image parts and then these parts should be fused to construct the seascape image. The problem of coloring grayscale images has no exact solution. In the proposed technique of panoramic view generation, the job of transferring color traits from reference color image to grayscale image is done by palette based method. In this technique, the color palette is prepared using pixel windows of some degrees taken from color image parts. Then the grayscale image part is divided into pixel windows with same degrees. For every window of grayscale image part the palette is searched and equivalent color values are found, which could be used to color grayscale window. For palette preparation we have used RGB color space and Kekre-s LUV color space. Kekre-s LUV color space gives better quality of coloring. The searching time through color palette is improved over the exhaustive search using Kekre-s fast search technique. After coloring the grayscale image pieces the next job is fusion of all these pieces to obtain panoramic view. For similarity estimation between partial images correlation coefficient is used.

Keywords: Panoramic View, Similarity Estimate, Color Transfer, Color Palette, Kekre's Fast Search, Kekre's LUV

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