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Enzymes Activity in Bovine Cervical Mucus Related to the Time of Ovulation And Insemination

Authors: M. Yahia, S. Benbia, A.Kalla, K. Belhadi, A. Zidani


Forty-five dairy cows were used to compare the enzyme activity of alkaline phosphatase (ALP), lactate dehydrogenase (LDH), α -amylase in the cervical mucus of cows during spontaneous and induced estrus using progestagen or PGF2 α and to determine whether these enzymes affect the fertility in cows with induced estrus, at the time of Al. The animals were assigned to 3 groups (no treatment, a Crestar® for 12 days, a double im injection of PGF2 α). The cows were artificially inseminated (AI). Cervical mucus samples were collected from all cows 3 to 5 min before the AI. The results are summarized as follows: ALP and α -amylase activity for spontaneous estrus were similar to those for induced estrus (P>0.05) . LDH activity levels during spontaneous and PGF2 α induced estrus was significantly lower (P < 0.001) than that in progestagene induced estrus groups. While no difference was found between the first and the third groups. Our result showed a significant difference in LDH activity levels between cows conceived with 2 or more AI and those conceived with 1 AI. The result of this study showed that the enzyme activity in cervical mucus is helpful for detection of ovulation and time of AI.

Keywords: enzyme, dairy cow, ovulation, cervical mucus, induced, estrus

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