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Characteristics of Intronic and Intergenic Human miRNAs and Features of their Interaction with mRNA

Authors: Assel S. Issabekova, Olga A. Berillo, Vladimir A. Khailenko, Shara A. Atambayeva, Mireille Regnier, Anatoly T. Ivachshenko


Regulatory relationships of 686 intronic miRNA and 784 intergenic miRNAs with mRNAs of 51 intronic miRNA coding genes were established. Interaction features of studied miRNAs with 5'UTR, CDS and 3'UTR of mRNA of each gene were revealed. Functional regions of mRNA were shown to be significantly heterogenous according to the number of binding sites of miRNA and to the location density of these sites.

Keywords: 5'UTR, 3'UTR, CDS, miRNA, target mRNA

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