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A Survey of Access Control Schemes in Wireless Sensor Networks

Authors: Youssou Faye, Ibrahima Niang, Thomas Noel


Access control is a critical security service in Wire- less Sensor Networks (WSNs). To prevent malicious nodes from joining the sensor network, access control is required. On one hand, WSN must be able to authorize and grant users the right to access to the network. On the other hand, WSN must organize data collected by sensors in such a way that an unauthorized entity (the adversary) cannot make arbitrary queries. This restricts the network access only to eligible users and sensor nodes, while queries from outsiders will not be answered or forwarded by nodes. In this paper we presentee different access control schemes so as to ?nd out their objectives, provision, communication complexity, limits, etc. Using the node density parameter, we also provide a comparison of these proposed access control algorithms based on the network topology which can be flat or hierarchical.

Keywords: Authentication, Access control, Wireless Sensor Networks, Key Management

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