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Transient Hydrodynamic and Thermal Behaviors of Fluid Flow in a Vertical Porous Microchannel under the Effect of Hyperbolic Heat Conduction Model

Authors: A. F. Khadrawi


The transient hydrodynamics and thermal behaviors of fluid flow in open-ended vertical parallel-plate porous microchannel are investigated semi-analytically under the effect of the hyperbolic heat conduction model. The model that combines both the continuum approach and the possibility of slip at the boundary is adopted in the study. The Effects of Knudsen number , Darcy number , and thermal relaxation time  on the microchannel hydrodynamics and thermal behaviors are investigated using the hyperbolic heat conduction models. It is found that as  increases the slip in the hydrodynamic and thermal boundary condition increases. This slip in the hydrodynamic boundary condition increases as  increases. Also, the slip in the thermal boundary condition increases as  decreases especially the early stage of time.

Keywords: Porous Media, free convection, hydrodynamic behavior, hyperbolic heat conduction, macroscopic heat conduction models in microchannel, vertical microchannel, microchannel thermal

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