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Design of a Non-linear Observer for VSI Fed Synchronous Motor

Authors: P. Ramana, K. Alice Mary, M. Surya Kalavathi, M. Phani Kumar


This paper discusses two observers, which are used for the estimation of parameters of PMSM. Former one, reduced order observer, which is used to estimate the inaccessible parameters of PMSM. Later one, full order observer, which is used to estimate all the parameters of PMSM even though some of the parameters are directly available for measurement, so as to meet with the insensitivity to the parameter variation. However, the state space model contains some nonlinear terms i.e. the product of different state variables. The asymptotic state observer, which approximately reconstructs the state vector for linear systems without uncertainties, was presented by Luenberger. In this work, a modified form of such an observer is used by including a non-linear term involving the speed. So, both the observers are designed in the framework of nonlinear control; their stability and rate of convergence is discussed.

Keywords: Parameter Estimation, permanent magnet synchronous motor, Mathematicalmodelling, Rotor reference frame, Luenbergerobserver, reduced order observer, full order observer

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