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An Exact Solution of Axi-symmetric Conductive Heat Transfer in Cylindrical Composite Laminate under the General Boundary Condition

Authors: M.kayhani, M.Nourouzi, A. Amiri Delooei


This study presents an exact general solution for steady-state conductive heat transfer in cylindrical composite laminates. Appropriate Fourier transformation has been obtained using Sturm-Liouville theorem. Series coefficients are achieved by solving a set of equations that related to thermal boundary conditions at inner and outer of the cylinder, also related to temperature continuity and heat flux continuity between each layer. The solution of this set of equations are obtained using Thomas algorithm. In this paper, the effect of fibers- angle on temperature distribution of composite laminate is investigated under general boundary conditions. Here, we show that the temperature distribution for any composite laminates is between temperature distribution for laminates with θ = 0° and θ = 90° .

Keywords: Heat Conduction, exact solution, cylinder, composite laminate, fourier transformation

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