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Preparation of Porous Carbon Particles using a Spray-Drying Method with Colloidal Template

Authors: Yutaka Kisakibaru, AsepBayu Dani Nandiyanto, Ratna Balgis, Takashi Ogi, Kikuo Okuyama


spherical porous carbon particles with controllable porosity with a mean size of 2.5m have been prepared using a spray drying method with organic particle colloidal template. As a precursor, a mixing solution of carbon nanopowder and polystyrene (PS) particles as a template was used. The result showed that the particles with a good porous structure could be obtained. The pore size and shape (spherical) were identical to the initial template, giving a potential way for further developments. The control of particle porosity was also possible and reported in this paper, in which this control could be achieved by means of PS concentration.

Keywords: Catalyst, Carbon Nanoparticles, Porous structure particle, Spray-drying method

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