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Photon Localization inside a Waveguide Modeled by Uncertainty Principle

Authors: Shilpa N. Kulkarni, Sujata R. Patrikar


In the present work, an attempt is made to understand electromagnetic field confinement in a subwavelength waveguide structure using concepts of quantum mechanics. Evanescent field in the waveguide is looked as inability of the photon to get confined in the waveguide core and uncertainty of position is assigned to it. The momentum uncertainty is calculated from position uncertainty. Schrödinger wave equation for the photon is written by incorporating position-momentum uncertainty. The equation is solved and field distribution in the waveguide is obtained. The field distribution and power confinement is compared with conventional waveguide theory. They were found in good agreement with each other.

Keywords: photon localization in waveguide, photon tunneling, quantum confinement of light, Schrödinger wave equation, uncertainty principle.

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