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Accelerating Sparse Matrix Vector Multiplication on Many-Core GPUs

Authors: Weizhi Xu, Zhiyong Liu, Dongrui Fan, Shuai Jiao, Xiaochun Ye, Fenglong Song, Chenggang Yan


Many-core GPUs provide high computing ability and substantial bandwidth; however, optimizing irregular applications like SpMV on GPUs becomes a difficult but meaningful task. In this paper, we propose a novel method to improve the performance of SpMV on GPUs. A new storage format called HYB-R is proposed to exploit GPU architecture more efficiently. The COO portion of the matrix is partitioned recursively into a ELL portion and a COO portion in the process of creating HYB-R format to ensure that there are as many non-zeros as possible in ELL format. The method of partitioning the matrix is an important problem for HYB-R kernel, so we also try to tune the parameters to partition the matrix for higher performance. Experimental results show that our method can get better performance than the fastest kernel (HYB) in NVIDIA-s SpMV library with as high as 17% speedup.

Keywords: gpu, HYB-R, Many-core, Performance Tuning, SpMV

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