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A Further Improvement on the Resurrected Core-Spreading Vortex Method

Authors: M-J. Huang, C-J. Huang, L-C. Chen


In a previously developed fast vortex method, the diffusion of the vortex sheet induced at the solid wall by the no-slip boundary conditions was modeled according to the approximation solution of Koumoutsakos and converted into discrete blobs in the vicinity of the wall. This scheme had been successfully applied to a simulation of the flow induced with an impulsively initiated circular cylinder. In this work, further modifications on this vortex method are attempted, including replacing the approximation solution by the boundary-element-method solution, incorporating a new algorithm for handling the over-weak vortex blobs, and diffusing the vortex sheet circulation in a new way suitable for high-curvature solid bodies. The accuracy is thus largely improved. The predictions of lift and drag coefficients for a uniform flow past a NASA airfoil agree well with the existing literature.

Keywords: Resurrected core-spreading vortex method, Boundaryelement method, Vortex sheet, Over-weak vortex blobs

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