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Pulsating Flow of an Incompressible Couple Stress Fluid Between Permeable Beds

Authors: T. K. V. Iyengar, Punnamchandar Bitla


The paper deals with the pulsating flow of an incompressible couple stress fluid between permeable beds. The couple stress fluid is injected into the channel from the lower permeable bed with a certain velocity and is sucked into the upper permeable bed with the same velocity. The flow between the permeable beds is assumed to be governed by couple stress fluid flow equations of V. K. Stokes and that in the permeable regions by Darcy-s law. The equations are solved analytically and the expressions for velocity and volume flux are obtained. The effects of the material parameters are studied numerically and the results are presented through graphs.

Keywords: shear stress, pulsating flow, mass flux, couple stress fluid, permeable beds

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