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Optimization of a New Three-Phase High Voltage Power Supply for Industrial Microwaves Generators with N Magnetrons by Phase (Treated Case N=1)

Authors: M. Bassoui, M. Ferfra, M. Chraygane, M. Ould Ahmedou, N. Elghazal, A. Belhaiba


Currently, the High voltage power supply for microwave generators with one magnetron uses a single-phase transformer with magnetic shunt. To contribute in the development of technological innovation in industry of manufacturing of power supplies of magnetrons for microwaves, ovens for domestic or industrial use, this original work treats the optimization of a new three-phase high voltage power supply for industrial microwaves generators with N magnetrons by phase (Treated case N=1), from its modeling with Matlab-Simulink. The design of this power supply uses three π quadruple models equivalents of new three-phase transformer with magnetic shunt of each phase. Every one supplies at its output a voltage doubler cell composed of a capacitor and a diode that in its output supplies only one magnetron.  In this work we will define a strategy that aims to reduce the volume of the transformer and the weight and cost of the entire system of the high voltage power supply, while respecting the conditions recommended by the manufacturer, concerning the current flowing in each magnetron: (Imax <1.2 A, IAv ≈ 300 mA).


Keywords: Optimization, Three-phase transformer, Modeling, power supply, magnetrons, Matlab Simulink, High Voltage

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