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A Simple Approach of Three phase Distribution System Modeling for Power Flow Calculations

Authors: J. B. V. Subrahmanyam, C. Radhakrishna


This paper presents a simple three phase power flow method for solution of three-phase unbalanced radial distribution system (RDN) with voltage dependent loads. It solves a simple algebraic recursive expression of voltage magnitude, and all the data are stored in vector form. The algorithm uses basic principles of circuit theory and can be easily understood. Mutual coupling between the phases has been included in the mathematical model. The proposed algorithm has been tested with several unbalanced radial distribution networks and the results are presented in the article. 8- bus and IEEE 13 bus unbalanced radial distribution system results are in agreements with the literature and show that the proposed model is valid and reliable.

Keywords: load flow, radial distribution networks, unbalance, three-phase four-wire, circuitmodel

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