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An eighth order Backward Differentiation Formula with Continuous Coefficients for Stiff Ordinary Differential Equations

Authors: Olusheye Akinfenwa, Samuel Jator, Nianmin Yoa


A block backward differentiation formula of uniform order eight is proposed for solving first order stiff initial value problems (IVPs). The conventional 8-step Backward Differentiation Formula (BDF) and additional methods are obtained from the same continuous scheme and assembled into a block matrix equation which is applied to provide the solutions of IVPs on non-overlapping intervals. The stability analysis of the method indicates that the method is L0-stable. Numerical results obtained using the proposed new block form show that it is attractive for solutions of stiff problems and compares favourably with existing ones.

Keywords: Stiff IVPs, System of ODEs, Backward differentiationformulas, Block methods, Stability.

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