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The First Integral Approach in Stability Problem of Large Scale Nonlinear Dynamical Systems

Authors: M. Kidouche, H. Habbi, M. Zelmat, S. Grouni


In analyzing large scale nonlinear dynamical systems, it is often desirable to treat the overall system as a collection of interconnected subsystems. Solutions properties of the large scale system are then deduced from the solution properties of the individual subsystems and the nature of the interconnections. In this paper a new approach is proposed for the stability analysis of large scale systems, which is based upon the concept of vector Lyapunov functions and the decomposition methods. The present results make use of graph theoretic decomposition techniques in which the overall system is partitioned into a hierarchy of strongly connected components. We show then, that under very reasonable assumptions, the overall system is stable once the strongly connected subsystems are stables. Finally an example is given to illustrate the constructive methodology proposed.

Keywords: lyapunov stability, Comparison principle, First integral, Large scale system

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