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Hydrothermal Behavior of G-S Magnetically Stabilized Beds Consisting of Magnetic and Non-Magnetic Admixtures

Authors: Z. Al-Qodah, M. Al-Busoul, A. Khraewish


The hydrothermal behavior of a bed consisting of magnetic and shale oil particle admixtures under the effect of a transverse magnetic field is investigated. The phase diagram, bed void fraction are studied under wide range of the operating conditions i.e., gas velocity, magnetic field intensity and fraction of the magnetic particles. It is found that the range of the stabilized regime is reduced as the magnetic fraction decreases. In addition, the bed voidage at the onset of fluidization decreases as the magnetic fraction decreases. On the other hand, Nusselt number and consequently the heat transfer coefficient is found to increase as the magnetic fraction decreases. An empirical equation is investigated to relate the effect of the gas velocity, magnetic field intensity and fraction of the magnetic particles on the heat transfer behavior in the bed.

Keywords: Magnetic stabilization, Magnetic stabilized fluidizedbeds, Gas-fluidized beds

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