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Characterization of Responsivity, Sensitivity and Spectral Response in Thin Film SOI photo-BJMOS -FET Compatible with CMOS Technology

Authors: Hai-Qing Xie, Yun Zeng, Yong-Hong Yan, Jian-Ping Zeng, Tai-Hong Wang


Photo-BJMOSFET (Bipolar Junction Metal-Oxide- Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor) fabricated on SOI film was proposed. ITO film is adopted in the device as gate electrode to reduce light absorption. Depletion region but not inversion region is formed in film by applying gate voltage (but low reverse voltage) to achieve high photo-to-dark-current ratio. Comparisons of photoelectriccharacteristics executed among VGK=0V, 0.3V, 0.6V, 0.9V and 1.0V (reverse voltage VAK is equal to 1.0V for total area of 10×10μm2). The results indicate that the greatest improvement in photo-to-dark-current ratio is achieved up to 2.38 at VGK=0.6V. In addition, photo-BJMOSFET is compatible with CMOS integration due to big input resistance

Keywords: Sensitivity, responsivity, Photo-BJMOSFET, Spectral response

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