Commenced in January 2007
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ICF Neutron Detection Techniques Based on Doped ZnO Crystal

Authors: L. Chen, X. P. Ouyang, Z. B. Zhang, J. F. Zhang, J. L. Liu


Ultrafast doped zinc oxide crystal promised us a good opportunity to build new instruments for ICF fusion neutron measurement. Two pulsed neutron detectors based on ZnO crystal wafer have been conceptually designed, the superfast ZnO timing detector and the scintillation recoil proton neutron detection system. The structure of these detectors was presented, and some characters were studied as well. The new detectors could be much faster than existing systems, and would be more competent for ICF neutron diagnostics.

Keywords: ICF fusion neutron detection, proton recoil telescope, superfast timing, ZnO crystal

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