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Optimizing Mobile Agents Migration Based on Decision Tree Learning

Authors: Yasser k. Ali, Hesham N. Elmahdy, Sanaa El Olla Hanfy Ahmed


Mobile agents are a powerful approach to develop distributed systems since they migrate to hosts on which they have the resources to execute individual tasks. In a dynamic environment like a peer-to-peer network, Agents have to be generated frequently and dispatched to the network. Thus they will certainly consume a certain amount of bandwidth of each link in the network if there are too many agents migration through one or several links at the same time, they will introduce too much transferring overhead to the links eventually, these links will be busy and indirectly block the network traffic, therefore, there is a need of developing routing algorithms that consider about traffic load. In this paper we seek to create cooperation between a probabilistic manner according to the quality measure of the network traffic situation and the agent's migration decision making to the next hop based on decision tree learning algorithms.

Keywords: Agent Migration, Decision Tree learning, ID3 algorithm, Naive Bayes Classifier

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