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Ethiopian Opposition Political Parties and Rebel Fronts: Past and Present

Authors: Wondwosen Teshome B.


In a representative democracy political parties promote vital competition on different policy issues and play essential roles by offering ideological alternatives. They also give channels for citizens- participation in government decision-making processes and they are significant conduits and interpreters of information about government. This paper attempts to examine how opposition political parties and rebel fronts emerged in Ethiopia, and examines their present conditions. In this paper, selected case studies of political parties and rebel fronts are included to highlight the status and the role of opposition groups in the country in the three successive administrations: Haile Selassie (1930-1974), Derg (1974- 1991), and EPRDF (1991-Present).

Keywords: Political Party, Ethiopia, Hybrid regime, Opposition party, Incumbent, Multi-Partyelection, Rebel fronts

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