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Hybrid MAC Protocols Characteristics in Multi-hops Wireless Sensor Networks

Authors: M. Miladi, T. Ezzedine, R. Bouallegue


In the current decade, wireless sensor networks are emerging as a peculiar multi-disciplinary research area. By this way, energy efficiency is one of the fundamental research themes in the design of Medium Access Control (MAC) protocols for wireless sensor networks. Thus, in order to optimize the energy consumption in these networks, a variety of MAC protocols are available in the literature. These schemes were commonly evaluated under simple network density and a few results are published on their robustness in realistic network-s size. We, in this paper, provide an analytical study aiming to highlight the energy waste sources in wireless sensor networks. Then, we experiment three energy efficient hybrid CSMA/CA based MAC protocols optimized for wireless sensor networks: Sensor-MAC (SMAC), Time-out MAC (TMAC) and Traffic aware Energy Efficient MAC (TEEM). We investigate these protocols with different network densities in order to discuss the end-to-end performances of these schemes (i.e. in terms of energy efficiency, delay and throughput). Through Network Simulator (NS- 2) implementations, we explore the behaviors of these protocols with respect to the network density. In fact, this study may help the multihops sensor networks designers to design or select the MAC layer which matches better their applications aims.

Keywords: Energy Efficiency, Wireless Sensor Networks, Medium Access Control, network density

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