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Porous Effect on Heat Transfer of Non Uniform Velocity Inlet Flow Using LBM

Authors: A. Hasanpour, M. Farhadi, K.Sedighi, H.R.Ashorynejad


A numerical study of flow in a horizontally channel partially filled with a porous screen with non-uniform inlet has been performed by lattice Boltzmann method (LBM). The flow in porous layer has been simulated by the Brinkman-Forchheimer model. Numerical solutions have been obtained for variable porosity models and the effects of Darcy number and porosity have been studied in detail. It is found that the flow stabilization is reliant on the Darcy number. Also the results show that the stabilization of flow field and heat transfer is depended to Darcy number. Distribution of stream field becomes more stable by decreasing Darcy number. Results illustrate that the effect of variable porosity is significant just in the region of the solid boundary. In addition, difference between constant and variable porosity models is decreased by decreasing the Darcy number.

Keywords: Porous Media, lattice Boltzmann method, Variable Porosity, Flow Stabilization

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