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Photodegradation of Optically Trapped Polystyrene Beads at 442 nm

Authors: V. Subramanyan Namboodiri, Sajan. D. George, Steffen Hardt


Polystyrene particles of different sizes are optically trapped with a gaussian beam from a He-Cd laser operating at 442 nm. The particles are observed to exhibit luminescence after a certain trapping time followed by an escape from the optical trap. The observed luminescence is explained in terms of the photodegradation of the polystyrene backbone. It is speculated that these chemical modifications also play a role for the escape of the particles from the trap. Variations of the particle size and the laser power show that these parameters have a great influence on the observed phenomena.

Keywords: Photodegradation, Polystyrene particles, Opticaltrapping

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