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Two-dimensional Heat Conduction of Direct Cooling in the Rotor of an Electrical Generator(Numerical Analysis)

Authors: A. Kianifar, H. Mohammadiun, A. Kargar


Two-dimensional heat conduction within a composed solid material with a constant internal heat generation has been investigated numerically in a sector of the rotor a generator. The heat transfer between two adjacent materials is assumed to be purely conduction. Boundary conditions are assumed to be forced convection on the fluid side and adiabatic on symmetry lines. The control volume method is applied for the diffusion energy equation. Physical coordinates are transformed to the general curvilinear coordinates. Then by using a line-by-line method, the temperature distribution in a sector of the rotor has been determined. Finally, the results are normalized and the effect of cooling fluid on the maximum temperature of insulation is investigated.

Keywords: Jacobian, general curvilinear coordinates, controlvolume

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