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Analysis of a Fluid Behavior in a Rectangular Enclosure under the Effect of Magnetic Field

Authors: Y.Bakhshan, H.Ashoori


In this research, a 2-D computational analysis of steady state free convection in a rectangular enclosure filled with an electrically conducting fluid under Effect of Magnetic Field has been performed. The governing equations (mass, momentum, and energy) are formulated and solved by a finite volume method (FVM) subjected to different boundary conditions. A parametric study has been conducted to consider the influence of Grashof number (Gr), Prantdl number (Pr) and the orientation of magnetic field on the flow and heat transfer characteristics. It is observed that Nusselt number (Nu) and heat flux will increase with increasing Grashof and Prandtl numbers and decreasing the slope of the orientation of magnetic field.

Keywords: Simulation, Rectangular Cavity, magneto-hydrodynamic, free convection

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