Lateral Pressure in Squat Silos under Eccentric Discharge
Commenced in January 2007
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Lateral Pressure in Squat Silos under Eccentric Discharge

Authors: Y. Z. Zhu, S. P. Meng, W. W. Sun


The influence of eccentric discharge of stored solids in squat silos has been highly valued by many researchers. However, calculation method of lateral pressure under eccentric flowing still needs to be deeply studied. In particular, the lateral pressure distribution on vertical wall could not be accurately recognized mainly because of its asymmetry. In order to build mechanical model of lateral pressure, flow channel and flow pattern of stored solids in squat silo are studied. In this passage, based on Janssen-s theory, the method for calculating lateral static pressure in squat silos after eccentric discharge is proposed. Calculative formulae are deduced for each of three possible cases. This method is also focusing on unsymmetrical distribution characteristic of silo wall normal pressure. Finite element model is used to analysis and compare the results of lateral pressure and the numerical results illustrate the practicability of the theoretical method.

Keywords: Squat silo, eccentric discharge, lateral pressure, asymmetric distribution

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