Metaheuristic Algorithms for Decoding Binary Linear Codes
Commenced in January 2007
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Metaheuristic Algorithms for Decoding Binary Linear Codes

Authors: Hassan Berbia, Faissal Elbouanani, Rahal Romadi, Mostafa Belkasmi


This paper introduces two decoders for binary linear codes based on Metaheuristics. The first one uses a genetic algorithm and the second is based on a combination genetic algorithm with a feed forward neural network. The decoder based on the genetic algorithms (DAG) applied to BCH and convolutional codes give good performances compared to Chase-2 and Viterbi algorithm respectively and reach the performances of the OSD-3 for some Residue Quadratic (RQ) codes. This algorithm is less complex for linear block codes of large block length; furthermore their performances can be improved by tuning the decoder-s parameters, in particular the number of individuals by population and the number of generations. In the second algorithm, the search space, in contrast to DAG which was limited to the code word space, now covers the whole binary vector space. It tries to elude a great number of coding operations by using a neural network. This reduces greatly the complexity of the decoder while maintaining comparable performances.

Keywords: Block code, decoding, methaheuristic, genetic algorithm, neural network

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