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Application of Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Dissolved Gas Analysis of Transformers-A Review

Authors: Deepika Bhalla, Raj Kumar Bansal, Hari Om Gupta


The gases generated in oil filled transformers can be used for qualitative determination of incipient faults. The Dissolved Gas Analysis has been widely used by utilities throughout the world as the primarily diagnostic tool for transformer maintenance. In this paper, various Artificial Intelligence Techniques that have been used by the researchers in the past have been reviewed, some conclusions have been drawn and a sequential hybrid system has been proposed. The synergy of ANN and FIS can be a good solution for reliable results for predicting faults because one should not rely on a single technology when dealing with real–life applications.

Keywords: Dissolved Gas Analysis, Artificial IntelligenceTechniques, Incipient Faults, Transformer Fault Diagnosis, andHybrid Systems.

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